Top Chef: Restaurant Wars!

It’s that time again! Restaurant Wars, a Top Chef favorite. If you survive Restaurant Wars, you belong with the Top Chef elites. This years challenge did not let down either. It was the classic tale of a dream team that could only get better up against a team that was plummeting towards the ground. Let’s take a closer look:

First it was time to draw knives! Continue reading

Top Chef Reranking: The Return of Katsuji

We’re down to the final eight! The season is living up to the crazy hype and creating unpredictable results. At the beginning of the season if you had asked me if this would be the current top eight, I would have said definitely no. The rankings that I predicted here, are certainly different now! Continue reading

Top Chef: Boston; Who Will Win And Who Will Lose.

Reality TV and cooking probably make for the best mashup on television. Enter: Top Chef! The show is back again with a crazy and unpredictable season taking place in Boston. The first episode of the season, which aired last Wednesday, October 15th, gave some insight to the insane season we are about to take part in.

The first episode started off with an insane challenge within the first few minutes. A Quick Fire challenge was announced and the classic challenge turned deadly within seconds. Padma Lakshmi, the host of the show, announced that the Quick Fire was  “sudden death.”  Basically, if you lose, you are done and out of the competition. Continue reading