Escaping From ‘Room’

Emma Donoghue’s novel Room became a best selling hit shortly after hitting the shelves. The story, told from the perspective of 5 year-old Jack, paints a vivid picture of the unknown nightmare he is living. The next step for Donoghue? To capture in this captivating story and find a way to bring the story to life on … Continue reading Escaping From ‘Room’

SAG Awards 2016: Nominations Announced

Award season is heating up! The 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were announced this morning, December 9, at the Pacific Design Center in L.A. Anna Faris and Anthony Mackie were invited by vice president Gabrielle Carteris to read the list of the nominees in the main categories. 

Diving Into ‘Spotlight’

Once and while a film like Spotlight comes around and captures the audience purely based on the story alone. Spotlight has no bloodshed, no special effects, or CGI. The film simply relies on the screenplay and the performances alone. And let me tell you, it works. 

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