An Ode To “Parks and Recreation”

Goodbye Pawnee 😦 Parks and Recreation will air its last episode tonight titled, “One Last Ride.” After seven season, the gang is going their separate ways and leaving Pawnee. It has been quite the journey seeing Leslie and company try and conquer the minuscule problems of Pawnee and I am sure I am not alone when I say we will miss them dearly.

Parks and Rec returned for its final season earlier this winter. It was a quick run, but gave us some insight into the future. Parks and Rec writers and creators took a big risk and fast forwarded three years to 2017. In order to have a solid ending, it was a good call. This season was filled with relationship highs and lows. Some highlights included Tom’s engagement, Leslie and Ron rekindling their friendship, April finding her true passion in life, and GREAT guest stars. (I’m looking at you Bill Murray.)

Here are some of the best moments from Pawnee and Leslie Knope.

10. During season four, Leslie ran for city counsel woman. When her original campaign team left after she admitted to dating Ben, her friends and fellow co-workers decide to step in to run her campaign. Everyone tried SO hard to make Leslie’s event successful, but nothing went as planned. Hands down this is one of the funniest moments of the whole group together.

9. Aubrey Plaza is simply the best. She plays her character April PERFECTLY. Her hostile relationship with Anne took a backseat for this moment making Anne the happiest person ever.

8. Ron and Leslie could not be more opposite. Ron rarely showed excitement and Leslie lives the most enthusiastic life. When Ron and Diane decided to have to quick wedding, Leslie was overwhelmed with crazy emotions. However, this is Ron’s moment and just like Ron it is super simple. Every time I watch this clip, I am DYING during of all Leslie’s antics. It is a perfect representation of both characters.

7. Andy and April have the best and most underrated relationship. I recently re-watched a few of the episodes where they started hanging out and they are perfect. Andy was the biggest little kid and Aprils lack of affection made them quite the pair. The episode where they decide to get married is one of the best.

6. Both of the flu season episodes are hysterical. The first one shows a classic Leslie Knope, unwilling to give up. If you don’t laugh during this clip then I question your loyalty to the show.

5. Ben and Leslie are the perfect couple. They both love their SUPER boring jobs and are super passionate. When Ethel Beavers shared the script from the trial, we learned Ben’s true feeling about Leslie. Classic Leslie then made Ethel come with her in the dead of night to tell Ben she loves him too. Parks was able to take a classic moment and put a great twist on it.

4. Andy Dwyer never failed to amuse a crowd, whether it is on purpose or just by being himself. Although Andy never had the chance to be a real cop, he got to be Bert Macklin. Which, let’s be honest, is probably better.

3. I could easily make a list of just Ron and Leslie moments. This has to be my favorite from this current season. Leslie was finally able to make Ron crack by singing “We Didn’t Start The Fire,” changing up the lyrics a little bit…Check out the clip at the end of this article.

2. Donna and Tom make the little moments that much better. They taught everyone to “Treat Yo Self!”

1. Any Li’l Sebastian moment was classic. Who else would get that excited about a miniature horse!? Also bonus!! Mouse Rat’s classic tribute to the late and great horse.


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