Can “New Girl” Find Its Way Back?

New Girl sure has given fans huge ups and downs over the years. In tonight’s finale, the crew is parting ways and saying goodbye to Coach once again. But is this a good plot twist? Is this the formula for New Girl to get itself back on track?

New Girl was one of those shows I stumbled upon on Netflix. Before I binged watched the first two seasons, I’ve heard good things about the show. Funny, entertaining, bubbly, and goofy are strong ways to describe the first few seasons. But then it hit a bump in the road.

Coach and Winston became real people.

Cece and Schmidt became a sensitive subject

Jess and Nick broke up.

Too much happened at once and everything else kind of got lost in the process.


Season 4 has been trying to put a lot of that back together. More recently it has been inconsistent, boring, and lost all of the Jessica Day flair! Some episodes from this season like, “Spider Hunt” and “Walk of Shame” channeled the old formula and reminded fans that New Girl is a good and funny show. Others like “Teachers” and “Girl Fight,” just kind of fell flat, probably losing some committed viewers in the process.

Season 4 was about regaining what it created in the first few seasons. Really when thinking about it nothing THAT major happened to any of the characters this time around. What really worked with the older seasons was when the gang hung out and the focus were all on them as a whole.

Big plots with small stories.

Think of it like a toned down version of Friends, with a more modern-day twist.


Tonight’s season finale Coach is leaving the gang again, this time probably for good. Hopefully Cece and Schmidt will find a way to reconnect. And then there’s the whole Nick and Jess thing. Guess only time will tell how the two of them will play out. Hopefully the season finale, airing tonight May 5, will put New Girl back on track resetting it for a successful fifth season. Check out a sneak peak below!


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