Top Chef: Three’s Company

Top Chef Boston is winding down with only one episode left! Three chefs remained to battle it out in this week’s episode “Holy Escamoly!” The remaining chefs returned for the three-part finale in Mexico. With only a few challenges left, the chefs have to be on their best game ever. Every detail counts and even a great dish could get someone sent home. Let’s take a look at how Mei, Gregory, and Doug did during this round of the competition.  Continue reading

Simply Salmon

Need a suggestion for a quick meal? Salmon burgers.

At the market the other day I stumbled upon pre-made mango lime salmon burgers. Normally, I am a bit hesitant to try the pre-made food, but these sounded too good to turn down. Mango just happens to be my favorite fruit and I put it on just about anything when it is in season. I was a bit hesitant about the use of mangoes in this burger because it is a tad bit late for in season mangoes, but I figured I would give it a (man)go. (Funny yet?)  Continue reading