Simply Salmon

Need a suggestion for a quick meal? Salmon burgers.

At the market the other day I stumbled upon pre-made mango lime salmon burgers. Normally, I am a bit hesitant to try the pre-made food, but these sounded too good to turn down. Mango just happens to be my favorite fruit and I put it on just about anything when it is in season. I was a bit hesitant about the use of mangoes in this burger because it is a tad bit late for in season mangoes, but I figured I would give it a (man)go. (Funny yet?) 


The meal was quick, simple, and tasty. Since our grill is at minimum usage this time of year, we threw the burgers in the oven to get a good cook. We then finished them off with a quick broil to get a good seal on the fish. Since the burgers were pre-made, there was not much else to be done. We cut up an avocado, (a nice second to mangoes on my list of favorite foods,) and took out some cole slaw. I went simple with the bread and just stuck the burger between two pieces of classic whole wheat. For the final step I put on El Diablo hot and spicy mango mustard. (Starting to see the mango theme here?) The burger was simply delicious.


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