Whiplash: Passion Turned Perfection

Expect to hear the name Whiplash and Miles Teller A LOT in the next few months. Teller takes on an intense role for Whiplash, a film telling the story of a passionate drummer and his mentor. Teller had a memorable performance and broke out of his shell and shedding the image of the typical twenty-something guy he normally plays on-screen.

Miles Teller can be described as one of the most candid actors in Hollywood.

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Ed Sheeran: Singer, Songwriter, and Ballroom Dancer??

Are music videos still a thing? Apparently they are, and Ed Sheeran is showing off some new talent in his recent video for “Thinking Out Loud.”

Sheeran’s video is the third single of off his album, “X” and has close to 3 million views on Youtube. The video has only been released for a little over 24 hours. “Thinking Out Loud” is one of my personal favorites from the album. It shows the real raw quality of Sheeran’s voice, along with a lyrical compositions that show Sheeran’s song writing ability at its prime. Continue reading

Lorde Releases New Single, “Yellow Flicker Beat.” Countdown to Mockingjay Begins Now!

It’s always confusing when a movie soundtrack comes out, yet the actual songs do not appear until the credits start rolling. It may be a tricky decision to make, but for the Hunger Games producers, it was an ingenious idea that allowed avid fans to have another outlet in exploring the world of Panem. The soundtrack for The Hunger Games and Catching Fire allowed major artist such as Coldplay, Of Monsters and Men, and Lorde, to give their voice to the movie, putting the themes from the book into sounds. Continue reading