Mockingjay Soundtrack Released, Stop What You’re Doing And Pre-Order Now!!

The track list for Mockingjay was released today and if you have not pre-ordered it, I would rethink your priorities.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 2.16.34 PM

Lorde, who was personally hand-picked to curate the soundtrack for the film, sure put a lot of time, creativity, and thought into the music and artist selection. The two previous soundtracks have included artist such as Taylor Swift, Coldplay and Of Monster and  Men. The soundtracks included both an eclectic accumulation of music from indie hits to alternative rock. Just from reading the list of artist that were handpicked by Lorde, the Mockingjay soundtrack looks like it will have a bit of a darker side to it. The collection of artist that were picked have more of a  R&B and hip hop background. It seems fitting to stick to that style of music to add to the deeper feelings and the emotional twist and turns that will be present in the third installment of The Hunger Games. 

via iTunes

via iTunes

“Yellow Flicker Beat” was the initial single off of the soundtrack and in typical Lorde fashion it did not disappoint. (More info on “Yellow Flicker Beat” and to listen the full song, click here!) Lorde went solo on the first hit to draw attention to the record, and will make an appearance on a few of the other songs on the soundtrack. Lorde did not shy away from getting insane collaborations for the soundtrack. I mean, who else can get HAIM, Pusha T, and Q-Tip on the same song with Lorde!??! Other artist include XOV, Charli XOX, not to mention a brand new track from Grace Jones. Also, did I mention Kayne West stopped by to contribute!?

The latest single of the soundtrack is by The Chemical Brothers, featuring Miguel, titled “This Is Not A Game.” Check it out here. 

The track combines the style of alternative rock, a bit of rap and hip hop, and a touch of EDM. Oh and Lorde causally stops by with a few tunes during the song.

Here’s a full track list for Mockingjay soundtrack.

1. Meltdown – Stromae ft. Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip & Haim
2. Dead Air – CHVRCHES
3. Scream My Name – Tove Lo
4. Kingdom – Charli XCX ft. Simon Le Bon
6. Lost Souls – Raury
7. Yellow Flicker Beat – Lorde
8. The Leap – Tinashe
9. Plan The Escape (Son Lux Cover) – Bat For Lashes
10. Original Beast – Grace Jones
11. Flicker (Kanye West Rework) – Lorde
12. Animal – XOV
13. This Is Not A Game – The Chemical Brothers ft. Miguel
14. Ladder Song – Lorde

Also, what is with track number five?!? I am really hopping the rumors are true and the spot is being filled by The Lumineers with an a cappella appearance by Jennifer Lawrence singing “The Hanging Tree.” Guess we will find out soon enough! The full album will be released on November 17th.

Also bonus footage! With tickets being released for pre-sale this week, Doritos teamed up to bring us short tv-spots. Check out this clip where we get the first glimpse of what is really happening to Peeta while in The Capitol.


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