The First Official Finding Dory Trailer Is Here

The 12 year wait is finally over and the trailer for Finding Dory is officially here! Disney/Pixar partnered with EllenTube to release the trailer earlier this morning. 



The trailer begins with everyones favorite fish, Dory, talking in her sleep. Nemo and Marlin are quickly awoken by the wondering fish and bring her back to her reef. Nemo asks Marlin, what would happen if they didn’t notice and she goes missing again? Marlin brushes it off as a one time thing, but a quick glance towards Dory reveals she is back on the move.

The most important part of the trailer comes when Dory claims she REMEMBERS something!!! The trailer description shares that Dory will be looking for answers in her past. Dory wants to know where she is from, where are her parents and most importantly how did she learn to speak whale!?

Finding Dory swims into theaters on June 17, 2016.


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