Fall Movie Round Up: Oscar Buzz Already!?

So long sweet summer, hello fall movie season! Fall is officially here and the only silver lining of summer being over is that Oscar season is around the corner!



With the conclusion of Telluride and TIFF, several Oscar worthy movies are making their rounds seeing what kind of buzz they can produce. It’s still SUPER early on in the season but that has not stopped anyone from making predictions. Right now everything is fair game. Whatever the case may be the movies are ALL still worth checking out!


Meet Mark Watney, father, astronaut, and currently stranded ALONE on Mars. During a fierce storm Watney and his crew were forced to abandon their mission and retreat from Mars. Watney got caught in the storm and is presumed dead by his crew. However, Watney overcame the unthinkable and survives the storm only to be left alone on the less than inhabitable planet. Watney must find a way to survive with little supplies in order to find his way home. The Martian is already generating Oscar buzz. Right now it is traveling the festival circuit proving that it is the big budget film worth seeing. Perhaps a Best Picture nomination is in its future? See if Watney survives on October 2.


Room, adapted from the novel by Emma Donoghue, tells the story of Ma and Jack and their escape from captivity. Ma, played by Brie Larson, has created Jack his own world in the small garden shed they have been living in since Jack’s birth and Ma’s captivity. Jack’s (Jacob Temblay) world is turned upside down when Ma formulates an escape plan and they are forced to adapt to the outside world, a world that Jack did not think existed. Room is fresh off of a win from the People’s Choice Award from the Toronto International Film Festival. Brie Larson is sure to be on the short list of awards for this role. Check it out in theaters October 16.


Can Freeheld give Julianne Moore the opportunity to pull off the two-peat and win an Oscar once again? Only time will tell. Freeheld shares the story of domestic partners Laurel Hester (Moore) and Stacie Andree (Ellen Page). Hester, a New Jersey police lieutenant, is forced into a battle to secure her pension rights to Andree once she learns she has terminal cancer. The very timely story went into festival season with a lot of buzz, but left TIFF and Telluride with little chatter of the film. Maybe it will regain speed during its full release. Judge for yourself on October 2.


What would Oscar season be without the classic Cold War spy drama? Enter Steven Spielberg, the Coen Brothers, and Tom Hanks. Those names alone scream Oscar worthy. Hanks plays lawyer, James B. Donovan. Donovan is thrown against his will into the center of the Cold War drama. Donovan’s mission is to negotiate the release of a prisoner whose was shot down over the Soviet Union air space. Bridge of Spies has yet to hit the festival scene, but is scheduled to close out the Hamptons International Film Festival at the end of the month. See for yourself if Hanks is successful on October 16.


Think you know the story behind Apple and the success of Steve Jobs? Well, think again. The powerhouse team of Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle bring the trials and tribulations of Apple and Co. to the big screen. Michael Fassbender plays Steve Jobs to go behind the scene of how the company got its start, all details included. Guessing from the preview alone, Apple had quite its share of drama. Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, and Jeff Daniels join Fassbender in what is sure to be a memorable film. See how the story plays out on October 16.


Based on the 2005 documentary by the same name, Our Brand Is Crisis shares the story of Bolivian politician Pedro Gallo and his run for president. Gallo hires an American political consulting firm, Greenberg Carville Shrum, in order to help with his win. Enter Jane Bodine (Sandra Bullock). Bodine is the powerhouse agent pulling out the tricks and tips to win the election and defeat her nemesis political consultant (Billy Bob Thornton) for the opposing party. Watch Bullock bring the heat on October 30.