The NOT So Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson deserves his own genre when it comes to film. I heard about the uniqueness that Anderson brings to his films, but this was the first time I experienced it first hand. Anderson took the meaning of indie film to a whole new level. In his most recent film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, he continued his streak to showcases his skills of creativity and individuality.  Continue reading

9 Movies That You NEED To See This Season.

This upcoming movie season is creating a crazy buzz. The range of films that are coming out in the next few weeks are impressive. Although, I have only been able to see the trailers for all of the movies below, I plan on seeing every single one. Each movie is creating some kind of Oscar buzz, whether it be from a best actress or a best director nomination. Each movie is packed with a great cast and plot to keep you thinking for days. Several of the films are based around true stories. They include a range of heart warming stories about unexpected relationships, to crazy action packed dramas. Either way, I would recommend any of these movies this upcoming season!

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Steve Carell, Funny Guy Turned Serious Actor.

Steve Carell and comedy go hand-in-hand. However, this coming Oscar season, Carell tries on a new role as a stern and sullen wrestling coach in his new movie, Foxcatcher. 

Steve Carrell is usually known as the funny man. His filmography contains several comedic roles including The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Anchorman, and Little Miss Sunshine. He has occurred several times on Saturday Night Live showing his true colors with sketch comedy and flat-out funny improv. However, it was a his role as playing Michael Scott on The Office, a mockumentary style sitcom, that earned him a Golden Globe along with five nominations throughout the shows run. It seemed at the time that comedy was the only genre Carell will ever do.

 Carell in The Office as Michael Scott

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