Bad Karma or Simply Unlucky? A Look at Julianne Moore and Amy Adams Oscar Chances.

Amy Adams. Julianne Moore. Two HUGE Hollywood profile actresses with a combined nine Oscar nominations. What do they both have in common? Neither have had the honor of actually WINNING the award. Years have gone by where they have both been snubbed by the Academy. Hopefully this year, one of them will walk away with the award.

Adams has been previously nominated for an Oscar five times. Yes, FIVE times and no win. Maybe this year, something will change. Adams has the staring role in the Tim Burton film, Big Eyes. Big Eyes tells the story Margaret Keane, a painter whose work gets “stolen” by her husband. Keane (Adams) is then left with the fortune, but shunned without the credit she deserves. Adams is expected to get her sixth nomination for this role in the Best Actress Category. Burton has put together the perfect formula for Adams to take away the awards. However, similar situations have occurred in the past leaving Adams walking away empty handed. Big Eyes will be released on December 25th.

 Amy Adams as Margaret Keane in Big Eyes

Adams has previously been nominated for her work in Junebug, Doubt, The Fighter, The Master, and American Hustle. Adams style of acting is sometimes intense, but she is able to connect with the audience on a personal level. Adams has worked closely with famous directors such as P.T. Anderson and David O’Russel. She has had all of the success, yet nothing from the Academy to show for it. Maybe this year something will change.

And then there is Julianne Moore. Moore has been nominated for four previous times and is still without a win. Sounds like a familiar story, right? Moore’s future now seems brighter with a possible double nomination in the upcoming season. Double nomination you say? Yes. After taking away the Best Actress Award for her role in Map to the Stars at the Cannes Film Festival, Moore started to shuffle the Oscar conversation. Maps to the Stars gives a brief glimpse into the Hollywood lifestyle, forcing the stars to come to terms with their past. Although the movie did not get the best reviews and many audience members were utterly confused about what they just saw, Moore is getting continuous praise for her role as a manic and crazy women. This film is trying out an Oscar campaign, hoping for the best. Maps to the Stars has had an international release, and will be available in the US early in the new year. Here’s the catch though, this isn’t even the movie she is expected to win for.

Julianne Moore in Maps to the Stars

A few weeks ago, Sony Picture Classics acquired the rights to the film, Still Alice. Still Alice had an overbearing response after premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival a few weeks back. The film, which co-stars Alec Baldwin and Kristen Stewart, tells the story of a college professor who becomes stricken with early on-set Alzheimer. Moore plays the role with her heart on her sleeve. With these two movies are taking a dive for an Oscar run, and I would expect to hear Moore’s name a lot over these next few months. Still Alice will have a qualifying release in late December. It will fully be released on January 16th.


Moore in “Still Alice” via:

What I love about Moore’s acting is her unpredictability and ability to take on many versatile roles. One of my favorites, What Masie Knew, a Netflix title I accidentally stumbled upon, shows Moore as a uninterested mother who draws the audience in. She is also portraying a devious leader of a revolution in her upcoming role in the Hunger Games franchise as Alma Coin. Both roles are the complete opposite of who she will portray in Still Alice and Maps to the Stars. Maybe this year, however, is the year for Moore to walk away with an award.

Although both of these exceptional actresses are expected to be nominated for the 2015 Oscars, one of them will walk away without a statue, adding one more year of an empty nomination to their list.


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