Top Chef: Boston

Top Chef Reranking: The Return of Katsuji

We’re down to the final eight! The season is living up to the crazy hype and creating unpredictable results. At the beginning of the season if you had asked me if this would be the current top eight, I would have said definitely no. The rankings that I predicted here, are certainly different now!

Top Chef: Restaurant Wars!

It’s that time again! Restaurant Wars, a Top Chef favorite. If you survive Restaurant Wars, you belong with the Top Chef elites. This years challenge did not let down either. It was the classic tale of a dream team that could only get better up against a team that was plummeting towards the ground. Let’s take a … Continue reading Top Chef: Restaurant Wars!

Top Chef: Shaking Up The Competition

Top Chef is always known for its share of twist and turns. Sometimes contestants can be eliminated at a moments notice. Contestants can also be welcomed back into the competition simply by winning a cook off. BOTH of these happened on the latest episode of Top Chef, really stirring up the kitchen. 

Top Chef: The Demise of Katsuji

And then there were six. Top Chef is getting down to the grind, leaving the best to compete in the finale. This weeks episode involved classic literature and football, sending the contestants right back to high school. 

Top Chef Takes On Mexico

With the final episode of Top Chef in sight, nothing is set in stone. The last few episodes have proven that there is no clear favorite and chef’s can move from the bottom to the top in an instant. The last few episodes have sent the contestants on a whirlwind of an adventure. First, they tried … Continue reading Top Chef Takes On Mexico

Top Chef: Three’s Company

Top Chef Boston is winding down with only one episode left! Three chefs remained to battle it out in this week’s episode “Holy Escamoly!” The remaining chefs returned for the three-part finale in Mexico. With only a few challenges left, the chefs have to be on their best game ever. Every detail counts and even a great dish … Continue reading Top Chef: Three’s Company

Top Chef: And The Winner Is…

After 30 plus challenges, 14 eliminations, and two cities later the Top Chef finale finally arrived. In the last episode, “Mano a Mano,” we watched Mei and Gregory battle it out for the coveted title of Top Chef. Gregory and Mei have been the top two contenders throughout the entire competition. Coming into the finale, Gregory had … Continue reading Top Chef: And The Winner Is…

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