“New Girl” Back On Track With A “Clean Break”

Being an avid watcher of New Girl is like being on a constant roller coaster ride. Sometimes it’s funny, sometime it isn’t. The season finale, “Clean Break,” landed a spot on the funny side. 

Season finales on New Girl always call for something big regarding Cece and Schmidt. They get together, they break up, they rekindle the flame, and lose it again. With Schmidt just ending his relationship with the politician in the previous episodes, it was kind of obvious that they would get together, just not how.

New-Girl-Clean-Break-Season-4-Finale-2015-11-550x373But first, lets back track. The main focus on the finale was Coach leaving and packing up for New York. Classic Coach wanted to leave his emotions out of the whole moving process and insisted on having a “clean break.” This whole “clean break” set the other roommates minds to thinking about the attachments they had to their own personal items and whether or not they could do the whole “clean break” thing. This gets Schmidt rolling on the big Cece thing. He decided it is time to make a clean break from Cece and get rid of the box of items he has kept of hers. However, the “clean break” isn’t as easy as Coach made it out to be.

Winston is was to convince Coach that the whole “clean break” thing isn’t worth it. The two of them have a “manly nostalgic scene” and end up awful crying in the loft. (Like that wasn’t going to happen) Meanwhile, the whole “clean break” thing doesn’t go over easy with Schmidt either. After donating the leftovers from the “clean break” session of the loft, Schmidt decided to part with his Cece box, regretting it instantly. After arguing with Wally, (guest star Jack McBrayer) he was able to get it back, but realized in the process that he and Cece would probably never get back together. Jess and Winston finally caved and told Schmidt that Cece is in love with him. (!!!)

New-Girl-Clean-Break-Season-4-Finale-2015-1-550x365While all of this drama was going on Jess and Nick realized that neither of them had so much of a “clean break” either, mostly regarding their previous relationship. While cleaning out the loft, they found their old “sex mug.” This was the mug they used to leave out when they wanted some alone time in the loft without being super obvious about it. However, Winston realized that he saw the mug sitting out just last week. This brought up all kinds of old things about Jess and Nick. Jess obviously wanted to talk about it and Nick had zero interest in sharing his feelings. He said he had a clean break but did he really?

At this point in the episode everything played out like it should have. Nick and Jess were doing their awkward kind of fighting thing, Winston and Coach has a weird but touching goodbye, and Cece and Schmidt realized they both were finally on the same page about their relationship. However, what is a season finale without a bit of a surprise.

tumblr_nnoiju400Y1qkoenyo4_250Schmidt announced that he was going to tell Cece that he loves her. Just when he opened the door to go climb a mountain to find her, Cece was standing in the doorway of the loft. She was here to tell Schmidt just what he wanted to know. In a bit of a shocker (only because these two have barely spent time with each other this season) Schmidt proposed to Cece and she said YES!

Even with Coach moving on, the gang is where they should be. Cece and Schmidt are finally together. Nick and Jess are kind of on the same page, and Winston is Winston. New Girl won me over with this episode and I am sure glad that it is back on a good page. (Also huge shout-out to whoever decided to use the Head and the Heart’s “Rivers and Roads,” it was the perfect way to close out the show)


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